Vintage truck Door Hanger Art Kit- SPECIAL PRICE PACKAGE!

$30.00 for Truck and one add on of pumpkins or tree. 

Truck and both add on $35.00

You get the pre-traced wood truck cut out, your choice of pre-traced wood add on insert or you can purchase both,

                                                 paint cups, 3 brushes, wire to attach and hang it with, written instructions and private Facebook                                                                     group access to the video tutorial of how to paint it . 

There will be a scheduled day with time and location in Zanesville, Ohio where your kit can be picked up. This will be e-mailed to you along with the Facebook group link once you have paid for your kit. 

Should you wish to have it shipped to you, (only in United States), you will need to E-mail me at to receive an invoice which would include shipping charges. 

This is the Standard Snow Family Add On to the left.

To the Right are the custom options. When choosing a custom option you will need to specify if kids are boy or girls and if any other special request are needed contact me on my Contact page. When purchasing select the drop down menu and select all that apply. 

The Vintage truck is available by itself as well. 

 Standard Snow Family Add On: $10.00

 Custom Add On: $15.00 For shown custom add on. Contact me for Specialized Custom orders. 

                                                  Vintage Truck alone: $25.00

Snow Family with 2 kids ( will need to specify if boys or girls. Shown here are 1 boy and 1 any. 


Snow Family with 3 kids, Will need to specify girls or boys. Shown here are 2 girls and 1 any. 


This is a seperate package deal. You can purchase seperate items and Additional Add On Inserts BELOW

Snow Family with one kid and one dog. 


Christmas Tree Add On 

By itself if not purchased in the special package.


Pumpkins Add On 

By itself if not purchased in the special package. 


This is a specialized Custom Snow Family example.  Above the limit of 6 figures. You would need to contact me for a special custom, in most cases I can work with you on meeting your request. Price can range from $25.00 and up. 

Add on inserts sold individually Below

Select your package deal
E-mail address

Hearts Add On $10.00

Select Add on or truck
Specify kids for add on

Witches be Crazy Art Kit

This is a 16x20 canvas 


Paint cups and brushes if needed 

Written instructions with picture for reference

Cost: $25.oo

Local pick up 

Can ship in USA only charges added to invoice

Contact to order