Vintage Truck Door Hangers Art Kits are so cute and interchangeable with the add on inserts. You can hang it on your door, wall, or just lean it above you mantle for decoration. 

The truck is made of 1" pine (not painted) and has a specialized rail for the inserts to slide into so you can change the tree out for the Snow Family and so on. 

When you purchase the Truck you will receive:

Paint cups of primary colors and white and black 

2 brushes, paper plate for pallet, paper towel, wire to hang it with, written instructions on how to paint it and a link to join the private Facebook group where you will find a video tutorial on how to paint the truck Red and one on painting it Spring Turquoise and some of the inserts. 

When purchasing the inserts you will receive the pre-traced insert and link to the private Facebook group where you will find videos tutorials on some of the inserts and two styles of the truck.

There will be a scheduled day with time and location in Zanesville, Ohio where your kit can be picked up. This will be e-mailed to you along with the Facebook group link once you have paid for your kit. 

Should you wish to have it shipped to you, (only in United States), you will need to E-mail me at to receive an invoice which would include shipping charges. Shipping charges vary based on what you order. 

Snow Family with 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 any way you want to paint it. 


Snow Family with 3 kids, example painted family has 2 girls but you can paint however you wish. 


Snow Family with 1 kid and 1 dog. 


Christmas Tree Add On 


Pumpkins Add On 


Hearts Add On $10.00

Easter Bunny with eggs insert


Painted only for 


Barn Quilt Kits

Make your own Barn Quilt 

Choose from 18" or a 12" square 3D style. Hang it up or lean for decoration.


Barn Quilt Art Kit

These are both painted examples of the Vintage truck. See Below for Each item available to order. 

Vintage truck and add on inserts 

Vintage Truck kit - comes with paint cups primary colors, red, yellow, blue, and white and black. 2 paint brushes, plastic apron, paper plate, paper towel, Written instructions, link to private Facebook group where there are video tutorials on how to paint the trucks and some inserts. 

$25.00 plus tax on all items 

Tulip insert- all inserts are not painted but have the pattern pre-traced on the cut out. 


Mom and pop with 4 legged kitties and dog insert


Flag insert