Canvas Art Kits like the Gnome of Love that is pictured here, come with the Canvas pre-traced with the pattern. 

Canvas size is 16x20 and will have the background painted if it is solid black otherwise it will be white gesso primed canvas. 

When you order a Canvas Art Kit you will get:

16x20 pre-traced canvas

2 or 3 brushes depending on the painting

Paint cups of the primary colors, (red, yellow, blue), and black and white. You will be able to mix your colors as desired. Some art kits require special paints or glitter paints in those cases you will get those included in your kit

Paper plate for pallet

plastic apron

paper towel

A picture of the painting for reference and or written instructions or a link to a private Facebook group for a video tutorial if that applies to your kit.

Some art kits may have what is called a tracer in that case you would receive the tracer and carbon paper to trace it onto your canvas. Most of the time that tracer is words that you trace on after you painted your picture. 

I will be adding art kits individually as I organize them onto their own pages such as the Gnome of Love. You can look for him on the menu tabs. 

I would like to thank you all for your continued interest and support of my Art and Paint Parties. 

My Chillin with Amy logo cow can be painted in a art kit 16x20 canvas or as a in person or on-line party